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National Skills Coalition

Action Alert! Submit comments on immigration "Public Charge" proposal. View update sent October 19, 2018.

E-News: National Workforce Development Month edition. View update sent October 4, 2018.

You’re Invited! Join us for the 2019 Skills Summit. View update sent September 25, 2018.

What states can do to advance immigrant workforce issues. View update sent September 12, 2018.

E-News: Pell updates, workforce data, childcare, and more! View update sent September 5, 2018.

Michigan is making WIOA work for immigrants. View update sent August 22, 2018.

Want women apprentices? The answer is child care. View update sent August 21, 2018.

July E-News: Workforce action in Washington. View update sent August 6, 2018.

Perkins Act signed into law! Join our pop-up briefing. View update sent July 31, 2018.

Perkins Act passes Congress! Join our pop-up briefing. View update sent July 26, 2018.

Goals of Trump executive order on workforce must be backed up with investments. View update sent July 19, 2018.

Investing in partnerships gives people and businesses the skills they need to compete. View update sent July 18, 2018.

Montana is a leader in using data to drive policy. View update sent July 17, 2018.

Factory robots versus mom’s caregiver. View update sent July 11, 2018.

Save the date! Join us for the 2019 Skills Summit. View update sent July 10, 2018.

June E-News: Southern states must build a skilled workforce for a stronger economy. View update sent July 2, 2018.

Urgent! SNAP investments are now at risk in Farm Bill. View update sent June 28, 2018.

Add your voice in support of SNAP. View another update sent June 25, 2018.

Impractical proposal would expand work requirements, merge Ed and Labor. View update sent June 25, 2018.

Farm Bill should focus on skills, not red tape. View update sent June 21, 2018.

Your voice is needed on apprenticeship. View update sent June 20, 2018.

Stranded workers, skill “booster shots” and the future of work. View update sent June 19, 2018.

Will you tweet to support CTE? View update sent June 18, 2018.

Making the Perkins Act work better for students and employers. View update sent June 14, 2018.

Helping states measure non-degree credential attainment. View update sent June 12, 2018.

Building a Skilled Workforce for a Stronger Southern Economy. View update sent June 11, 2018.

New Massachusetts and Missouri state fact sheets: immigrants can help meet demand for middle-skill workers. View update sent June 7, 2018.

April E-News: States making progress in measuring non-degree credential attainment. View update sent June 4, 2018.

Urge your Members of Congress to vote no on House Farm Bill. View update sent May 15, 2018.

WDQC scan shows how states struggle to measure non-degree credential attainment. View update sent May 14, 2018.

New report calls for industry-driven apprenticeship expansion and cuts to workforce programs. View update sent May 11, 2018.

April E-News: Huge movement in our campaign to #MakePellWork. View update sent May 2, 2018.

Announcing new Work-Based Learning Academy state teams. View update sent April 23, 2018.

Will you tweet to protect SNAP? View update sent April 18, 2018.

Work requirements don’t reduce poverty, but skill building can. View update sent April 17, 2018.

Gov. of Iowa calls for expansion of Pell grants to short term certificates. View update sent April 16, 2018.

NSC’s Farm Bill analysis: SNAP investments undermined by work requirements. View update sent April 13, 2018.

If reducing poverty is the goal, the Farm Bill’s work requirements miss the mark. View update sent April 12, 2018.

Trump releases executive order calling for work requirements, elimination of workforce programs. View update sent April 11, 2018.

Connecting the dots: Sharing real-life policy examples at COABE. View update sent April 10, 2018.

NSC to Department of Agriculture: Focus on expanding skills through SNAP, not on red tape. View update sent April 9, 2018.

Colorado House considers bill to pilot emergency support services fund. View update sent April 5, 2018.

March E-News: NSC calls for the modernization of the federal Pell grant program in new publication. View update sent April 3, 2018.

Maryland expands access to state financial aid for GED earners. View update sent March 27, 2018.

Big things are happening! View update sent March 26, 2018.

Join NSC at the NAWB Forum! View update sent March 23, 2018.

FY 2018 omnibus rejects proposed cuts to workforce and education programs. View update sent March 22, 2018.

Join NSC at COABE in Phoenix! View update sent March 21, 2018.

Administration poised to release guidance on apprenticeship this week. View update sent March 12, 2018.

Reminder: Deadline this Friday to apply to Work-Based Learning Academy. View update sent March 7, 2018.

Today's students aren't who you think. View update sent March 6, 2018.

February E-News: Increasing momentum to end Pell's bias against working students. View update sent March 1, 2018.

Deadline Extended for Work-Based Learning Academy Applications! View update sent February 27, 2018.

Increasing momentum to end the bias against working students. View update sent February 26, 2018.

Focus on skill building, not work requirements. View update sent February 19, 2018.

Don't miss our upcoming webinar on work-based learning in the states. View update sent February 15, 2018.

White House budget promotes some workforce priorities, but includes drastic cuts to key programs. View update sent February 13, 2018.

Momentum on Capitol Hill this week! View update sent February 8, 2018.

Apply to NSC's new Work-Based Learning Academy & register for our webinar! View update sent February 5, 2018.

What is "workforce development"? View update sent February 2, 2018.

January E-News: Help us hold the president to his promises. View update sent February 1, 2018.

Will you help us hold the president to his promises? View update sent January 31, 2018.

State of the Union: Will Trump's infrastructure plans include skilled workers? View update sent January 29, 2018.

One million missing apprentices. View update sent January 24, 2018.

Help us end the bias against working students! View update sent January 23, 2018.

Join me in telling Congress we can't compete if we cut! View update sent January 16, 2018.

What's the 2018 Skills Summit Missing? View update sent January 11, 2018.

Training steelworkers for the future. View update sent January 10, 2018.

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